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Helium(HNT) Server Node



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Antminer T19 84T



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Antminer S19 95T



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WhatsMiner M31s+ 90T



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How to participate in mining


Easily register a MCLOUDS account via email or mobile phone and start your mining journey


MCLOUDS provides a wealth of BTC, ETH, FIL miner combination products, cost-effective, high-yield, high-return is the best choice for your wealth appreciation


MCLOUDS provides you with one-stop mining services, allowing you to enjoy the benefits, mining can be very simple!

Comparison of MCLOUDS and Self-purchased Mining

Purchase miners at MCLOUDS
Self-purchase miner


  • Provides the most cost-effective product portfolio in the market
  • Web/APP/H5 full platform support
  • Products on the market are mixed and the prices are chaotic
  • Unable to provide a complete end-to-end experience

Purchase Miners

  • One-time price for purchase
  • Optimal electricity cost
  • No extra charge
  • Hardware price only
  • Often expensive electricity bills
  • Shipping and other possible custom costs

Operation and maintenance services

  • Professional miner assembly and performance optimization
  • Professional miner maintenance and repair services
  • Reasonable repair and replacement costs
  • Unable to verify miner reliability and installation quality
  • Lack of professional maintenance environment and maintenance capabilities
  • Reasonable repair and replacement costs

Distribute income

  • Detailed display of hashrate income
  • Free withdrawal and flash exchange, cash out immediately
  • Optimize electricity bill payment or income deduction
  • Single function
  • Withdrawals and exchanges require additional fees
  • Need to pay high gradient fiat electricity bills to the grid

Our service

Miner Purchase

Authoritative manufacturers, professional miner order

Shipping & Deployment

Ensure safe and fast delivery to the facility, and start mining in time

Operation & Maintenance

24-hour shift monitoring to ensure machine safety and stable operation

Machine Cleaning

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the machine to prolong the service life

Electricity Payment

One-click electricity bill payment, fast and worry-free

Fast currency swap

Exchange anytime, anywhere


Timely maintenance for abnormal operation, and full arrangement for delivery and repair

Special customer service

Provide one-to-one customer service

Client Feedback

"MCLOUDS is the most suitable platform for retail investors to mine. We only need to purchase miners online to obtain benefits. If you mine by yourself, you first need to find a reliable channel. Secondly, if you buy less miners, the price is not cheap, and it is not easy to buy popular miners. Then it is also very troublesome to find a reliable mine for hosting, and you can’t get it if there are few miners. Low electricity bills, and retail investors cannot supervise the mines. In general, mining needs to choose a reliable platform."

Wang Jiandong

"MCLOUDS is very reliable. The miner has not been out of power for half a year, and the income is stable. At present, it has paidout and made a profit. My hosting mines on other platforms have frequent power outages."


"Daily settlement of income, reliable company, the lowest electricity price in the entire network, and thoughtful customer service are the reasons why I chose MCLOUDS."

Li Yi

Investment Agency