About Us

Mclouds is a one-stop physical mining computing service platform under Mars Blockchain, which gathers the most elite product, technology and actuarial teams from Motorola, Tencent, Kingsoft and other respected companies, and has extensive and deep strategic cooperation with leading companies in the industry. Mars Blockchain, founded by Wang Feng, has received multiple rounds of strategic investments from Capital, CeRMB Capital, Pan Cheng Capital, Capital, Firecoin Capital, Coin Capital, Ming Shi Capital, and Wu Jihan, who founded the company.

Mclouds centrally procures physical mining machines and provides open, professional, transparent and real mining services with comprehensive professional operation and maintenance. Through one-stop professional management, it links the top mining machine manufacturers, mining locations, mining pools and professional maintenance teams in the industry. It gathers affordable and stable strictly selected mining resources, provides safe and compliant mining investment channels, and helps various investors to participate in mining production. The service tenet of the company is to provide one-click escrow, strict selection of mining machines, compliance and trustworthiness, ultra-low electricity price, and profit sharing.