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1. 事先获得用户的明确授权
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3. as required by the relevant government authority.
4. the user violates the terms of use or has other actions that are detrimental to the interests of the mining leasing platform.
5. Other requirements of relevant laws and regulations.
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The User understands and agrees that in no event shall the Miner Leasing Platform be liable for the following.
(1) Losses on transactions.
(2) Trading profits or contract losses.
(3) Business interruption.
(4) Loss of information.
(5) Damage or loss of data.
(6) The demise or withdrawal of computing power from the market.
(7) Losses due to policy factors.
(8) Losses due to force majeure.

Since its inception, Mclouds has been committed to serving the mining industry, providing miners with a full range of services, from mining machine procurement, maintenance, mine deployment, and revenue exchange, etc. The Cloud Mining Service has grown from an internal operation to an official operation today. From its inception to its official operation today, Cloud Power Mining Service is based on the investment philosophy of 'rejecting partial distribution of profits and transparent operation of computing power,' and this innovation aims to build the world's best computing power service platform for users. To provide quality, algorithmic trading services to maximize the profits of our supportive friends and clients.

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